When Tori first wanted to become a filmmaker, she thought she had an inkling of what she was getting into. Of course, she had no idea. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, Tori has worked on several dozen short films, two feature films, and two TV shows in her short but blossoming professional career, traveling around the country and even across the world to places like New Zealand and South Korea.

Though she has gained experience in the assistant directing and script supervising fields, Tori's heart lies in directing. She is fascinated by performance, the pathway to experiencing emotional moments, and human engagement. She strives to be a continual student, not only of movies but of life, continually growing and improving.

When not exploring a new place and culture, Tori enjoys physical activity: hiking, swimming, running, volleyball, or trying to relive her days as a pole vaulter and gymnast. Her experiences continue to grow her love for the adventure as she continues to explore this world that is both larger and smaller than she first thought.

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