My love for directing stems for a love of doing.


To see ideas come to life, to cause something to occur when originally nothing would happen - there is no better feeling.

Directors have the unique job of both "driving the boat" of a film... and stepping back.

Directors cast vision and give others freedom to do their jobs well. Good directors know they don't create alone, that their work is made better by those surrounding them. Great directors, in my book, are prepared enough and can communicate well enough

to bring their entire team under a unifying idea of the story they are all creating. To have everyone striving to tell the same story - that is the goal.

I am a continual student of the directing process. My commitment is to continual growth, both in storytelling and in leadership, so that I can one day be a sufficient servant to the stories I make.

For my full resume, feel free to reach out to torilayneproductions@gmail.com.

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