First and foremost, I am fascinated by human emotion.

How people interact with and effect one another is what drew me to the arts, specifically to performance. The move into filmmaking was a quick and seamless shift. There are few processes that involve such a large amount of condensed time with so many different personalities struggling together to make a single product. The daunting challenge of conveying honest emotion in the midst of this chaos that is filmmaking is what draws me to the art form.


Imagine That came from the simple and powerful drive to make a first feature film.


My joy comes from bringing ideas to life, and I have always been taught the way to grow was by stepping forward and making things happen. The start of this process came from the decision to act, followed by the story and its development.


The story of Imagine That is a clash of adulthood and childhood.


It explores different levels of human emotions, from the simple beauty of a child’s point of view to the complex pain of an adult trying to hide from the rest of the world. In the midst of the fun and mayhem of this story, watching two generations collide and effect one another is where the heart of this story lies. I feel a particular connection with Kal, the imaginary friend in this film, because I long to explore and play in our big, frightening world. Her innocence and purity of emotion are traits that are often looked down upon when in certain moments they should be commended.


This project is a beginning.

Imagine That is a first feature film that will build into many more in the future. We currently do not have the resources to commence with a massive production, but this only deepens the meaning of the project. I am looking forward to what we build together, both in story and as a team.  

Tori Layne Director

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